The Role Of Theseus In The Odyssey

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There were many Greek heroes all did great acts, saved many, and slayers of monstrous beasts. They all interacted with man and did different things for them; Theseus was a founder hero, the hero of Athens and was responsible for political unification. His took journeys with stories of labor, orges and dangerous creatures. He was the unifying king and helped the mortals with their politics. Theseus built the legendary fortress of Acropolis, supposedly one of the greatest most impenetrable fortresses of its time. Slayer of the Minotaur and is known for Labyrinth. Ariedne the daughter of king Minos had great love for the great hero and would later bare his children. Perseus was also a great hero in Greek mythology, he was the founder Mycenae and…show more content…
Some say Zeus saw threw the trick but decided to use it as an excuse to vent his anger on mankind and hide fire from man. He then begged Zeus to give fire to the mortals for there well being and when Zeus denied him he stole fire from Mount Olympus and proceeded to give it to man. When Zeus found out he ordered that Prometheus be chained to the side of a mountain to suffer there for all eternity. And there Prometheus stayed, thinking of the future, happy in the knowledge that he had given fire to men. He would later be saved by Hercules. The Devine is sometimes compared to Jesus for the similarities in their stories he saved the human race from extinction by warning his son, Deucalion, of a great flood, as Jesus did also with the Arc. Prometheus sacrificed himself for mankind because he loved them, as Jesus did for mankind with sin and would later be saved or resurrected as Prometheus was saved by Hercules. Prometheus’s story emphasized the importance of knowledge and learning, expansion, the need to further oneself and the seriousness of the future and what it
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