The Role Of Tituba In The Crucible

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One could easily say Abigail was the one to blame for the hysteria in Salem during the witchcraft trials, but there is someone who was as much to blame as her. Tituba is to blame for the Salem witchcraft. “To Tituba! What may Tituba-? Tituba knows how to speak to the dead, Mr. Parris” (page 1095). Tituba would get the girls together and dance while she sang in her language to talk to the dead. “Tituba, shocked and angry: Abby! Abigail: She makes me drink blood!” (page 1109) Making the girls drink blood was known as a sacrifice for the devil. “I don’t know, sir, but the devil got him numerous witches.” (1109) Tituba confesses that the devil had multiple witches which leads to this panic in trying to kill all the witches. This point of view
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