The Role Of Tragedy In Things Fall Apart

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Tragedy is the most refined version of poetry as it deals with lofty matters. And it is the ultimate form of our innate delight in imitation. It is in the form of dramatic and tragedy is not to tell but to show or perform. According to Aristotle “Tragedy is an action that is serious attention, complete in itself, and of some magnitude; in language enriched by a variety of artistic devices appropriate to the several parts of the play; presented in the form of action, not narration; through pity and fear bringing about the catharsis of such emotions” (Poetics, chapter.6). The novel “Things Fall Apart” resembles Aristotle 's idea of a tragic hero because the main protagonist, Okonkwo, meets all of Aristotle’s criteria of a tragic hero by being a perfect man in his society until he makes a mistake and is exiled for it only to return seven years later to find his village completely changed and his life goal thus meaningless. Therefore, this paper will focus on how the Aristotle’s principles are reflected in the novel “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe through characterized by hamartia, the experiences a dramatic reversal (Peripeteia), as well as moment of recognition (anagnorisis), dramatic unities and catharsis.
According to Aristotle’s principle of dramatic unities, this is the unity of time, unity of place and unity of action. It is seen in the novel “Things Fall Apart” as it presents the unity of time through seasons, unity of place as Umuofia or Mbanta and unity of
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