The Role Of Transcendentalism In Willa Cather's O Pioneers

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Acceptance and originality are keys to prosperity. In the novel O Pioneers! by Willa Cather, the protagonist Alexandra thrives in what seems to be a hopeless situation due to her strong beliefs. Alexandra has the beliefs of a transcendentalist. Transcendentalists rely on intuition. They also believe human truths can be found with a strong connection to nature, individuality is more important than conformity, and it is important to see the good in all people. Success in life can only be attained with a transcendental perspective. Life on the Divide is not an easy life for Alexandra Bergson. Unfortunately, her father dies and leaves her in charge of the farm and her brothers. While in charge, her brothers, Oscar and Lou, express great doubt about her farming techniques but she believes in the land. She cannot understand the doubt of her brothers because she has such great faith in the future of the Divide. This faith in the land drives Alexandra to be successful. If she did not trust that the land would flourish, she would have never succeeded. Alexandra is trying to explain to her brother Emil about her confidence in the land. “’We must…show more content…
She invites Ivar to work at her farm after it becomes prosperous. There are rumors around town that Ivar needs to be put into an insane asylum because many think he is not mentally stable. Alexandra tries to comfort Ivar after he hears these rumors, she says, “’Only don’t come to me again telling me what people say. Let people go on talking as they like and we will go on living as we think best’”(Cather 60). Alexandra does not judge Ivar for his spells and strange behaviors and is nothing but kind to him. She ensures that he is safe, and although people may judge her for letting Ivar work for her, his loyalty pays off. Ivar is a loyal employee who helps Alexandra to continue her work and have some stability on her ever-changing
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