The Role Of Urbanization In India

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One of the important phenomena in the development process is the economic growth.
Today in a fast-paced world of high economic growth and with the rapid growth in the process of urbanisation across the globe, it is important to understand the very nature of economic sectors and its structural shifts in the different sectors. In this paper I will focus in the context of developing nations and in particularly, India. The Indian economy has been experiencing unprecedented rate of growth since the last one decade. It will be interesting to see the intertwined nature of division of labour in the market. The economy is broadly divided into two sectors, viz. the informal sector and the formal sector. I will primarily rely on the study by Breman (1976), in the western part of India. I will further try to analyse the concept of dual economy and fragmented labour market. In the last segment there will be an attempt to discuss, which of these models would be suitable in the developing nations.

The process of urbanisation has been increasing at a faster rate in the last few decades. The share of urban economy differs from nation to nation, but for the developing world it amounts to approximately 25 per cent, Breman (1976). It is a common notion that Urban living is linked with the industrial way of life and a better employment opportunities in various modern sectors. But it was realized that less than half of the urban population are able to find employments in these sectors,

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