The Role Of Utopian Government In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In the book called Animal Farm, the author’s intentions are to explain government, laws/ rules, and politics through fictional animals. The pigs changed the rules to what they wanted, also persuading the animals it’s fine to do things that were not allowed; they were going to make a utopian government, and it actually turned out to be a communist government, with the pigs using the dogs as military to control the farm and the animals on the farm. To keep things in order they created the seven commandments.They were: “Whatever goes upon two legs in an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. No animal shall wear clothes. No animal shall sleep in a bed. No animal shall drink alcohol. No animal shall kill any other animal. All animals are equal.” The reason why the pigs changed the rules was to benefit themselves. For example, the law “No animal shall kill any other animal” got changed to “No animal shall kill…show more content…
Since the pigs were in control they wanted to benefit from it,, like when they changed “All animals are equal” to “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” They changed it because they wanted to do stuff that wasn’t allowed. The dogs represented the military. Napoleon took the dogs when they were puppies and trained them to be guard dogs, and to keep control over the animals using violence and fear. The pigs represent the government by controlling the military and debating over what was going to be done and who was going to be in charge. George Orwell, the author of Animal Farm was talking about government, laws and politics using animals. The pigs represented the government, they controlled the military, and they debated on who would be in charge and what they would do, which is political and they had laws/ commandments that they followed; which is what George Orwell wanted to explain using fictional
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