The Role Of Victor The Creature In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The story of Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, is an extravagant and outstanding novel of the 1800’s. Frankenstein is a novel based in the late 18th century highlighting three male characters: Victor Frankenstein an enthusiastic and admiring scientist, an unnamed Creature of Victors making and Walton a captain managing a voyage to the Arctic who relayed the stories of Victor and the Creature to his sister. The relationship between the creature and Victor remains a controversial topic to this day- are they enemies, or is the Victor the Creature? The idea that two characters coexist within one individual is not a popular one, but, can be understood from a psychological viewpoint and a diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder. There is…show more content…
During, the time of Elizabeth’s illness Mrs. Frankenstein can hardly abandon her favorite child and continues to serve to her needs. As Elizabeth recovers Mrs. Frankenstein too fall ill however, she does not recover and to the family's dismay she passes away. At the time of Mrs. Frankenstein’s death, she wished for only one thing, for Victor and Elizabeth to be wed. Mrs. Frankenstein asks for this because it would be the “INSERT QUOTE1 HERE” ( only thing to console father quote). Victor and Elizabeth’s peculiar life events can only be used to explain Victors Submerged hostility for Elizabeth. Elizabeth was Victor’s cousin, sister, playmate, mother figure for Victor’s siblings and wife. Who was Elizabeth to Victor? All of these contradicting titles for Elizabeth put Victor in a hard place, and begins his disinterest and frustration with Elizabeth. However, the main event that pushes Victors frustration to submerged hostility was the death of Mrs. Frankenstein. Victor believed that Elizabeth was to be blamed for his mother’s death, if Elizabeth was not ill then his mother would not have attended to her and she would have not fell ill as well. Justine came to the Frankenstein home as a child just a few years after Elizabeth. At Justine’s arrival Mrs.Frankenstein
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