The Role Of Witchcraft In Medieval Europe

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During the post medieval time period, Europe faced one of it's darkest times. The persecution of witches was seen to be a significant factor in the history of Europe. More than fifty thousand people guilty of witchcraft were put on death row and killed in this time period. Many people were persecuted of wtichcraft because they were easy to blame for accidents, coincindences or bad luck. Many people accused of witchcraft were unable to prove themselves innocent. The boundaries and guildlines detecting witchcraft came from a book called The Malleus Maleficarium. Because of this book, many Europeans believed that witches and witchcraft was becoming a serious problem. The Europeans blamed the plague on witchcraft and began the purge the country…show more content…
Europeans believed that witches were under Satan's rule. Because Europeans were so diversely religious during the post medieval time period, they feared the devil. These religious Europeans also believed that witches were to blame for animal sacrfices. Because of all these unfortunate events and accidents, witches were tortured, burned, hanged and drowned to death. For the citizens of Europe, the impact of the persecution of witches was minimal. Europeans encouraged the persecution by means of protecting themselves and their family. On the other hand, the country of Europe experienced a much greater impact facing many hardships, such as the plague. Blaming these hardships on witches and witchcraft caused instability and injustice. Eventually many parts of Europe deciding to end the persecution of witches. Witches and those accused of witchcraft were tortured to death because they were easy to blame for superstitions. Europeans with a religious background believed that since witches were under Satan's rule, they should be executed. Europe faced many difficulties in its history, but the persecution of witches did not prevent these difficulties. Instead Europe self- inflicted instability and injustice throughout the
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