Female Characters In Charles Dicken's Hard Times

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Louisa and her mother could share,but from her experience as a working class child who knows counter examples and a different word than 'fact'.The schematic quality of HARD TIMES indicates a broader lack or incompleteness in the proven discourses of Dicken's social and literary world.Like Louisa and Mrs Gradgrind,Dicken must express his value of 'fancy' and his concern about crossing restricted boundaries in language devalued by the tenderdiscourses of reason and fact.Dicken can be seen as exploiting the material domination of women and the poor when they serve as a lower middle class member in a society.During the Victorian Era women remained to be wives and mothers and did'nt have an actual position in the society. This is difficult to understand today as the role of women had been enhanced a lot .…show more content…
In Charles Dicken's novel Hard Times, the role of female characters that brings Louisa Gradgrind and Sissy Jupe from the background of the story in the beginning to the focus at the close of the novel shows the need for change in women’s roles during the Victorian Era.The characters of Louisa Gradgrind and Sissy Jupe best depict the change in their roles as females within the novel. At the beginning of the novel Sissy hardly gets a proper introduction, “‘Girl number twenty,’ said Mr. Gradgrind, ‘I don’t know that
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