The Role Of Women In Fasting, Feasting By Anita Desai

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We may have to admit that the existence of a ‘margin category’ validates the presence of a ‘centre category’ which controls it by adopting exploitive and suppressive practices. The victims are marginalized either in the name of religion, race, region, community, caste, gender, nationality or even ideology. An attempt is being made here to understand the marginalized voices on the basis of gender.
Gender plays a significant role in our lives for the first question asked when a child is born is ‘a boy or a girl?’ and our lives are shaped by our gender ensuing in gender bias. Despite aiding in the advancement of civilization women down the ages have been suffering utter discrimination. In Indian patriarchal set up with the man at the centre, the woman is pushed to the margin, for he believes in conquering and subjugating with the unbridled power in his hands. If unable to wield his power outside to its fullest, he satisfies his ego by wielding it at home. Ultimately, it is the woman at home who has to bear the brunt of his frustrations. With this as a canvas an attempt is made to sketch and listen to the cries of a few victimized women characters, in Anita Desai’s novel “Fasting, Feasting”.
It is a general experience that where a boy’s birth is supposed to bring happiness, a girl’s birth a bane. The woman in India takes a subordinate position from her birth. The middle class Indian woman hardly has any choice but to live on the physical and emotional leftovers of her

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