The Role Of Women In Greek And Roman Mythology

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Rosangela grado
Mrs. Rahn
Greek & Roman Mythology october-5-2016 How greeks saw woman
Why do men think that they 're so much more superior than woman? We are equal,there 's nothing that says that men are better they, are not. But woman are the same we are equal. Most myths involve gods or goddesses, you know the stories about the gods that lived on mount olympus, the greeks say some of these myths to explain major events that had happened like, why we have seasons, the story of persephone and demeter. The role of women in ancient greek society is evident through their myths. Women are expected to sit still and behave for men and if they didn 't they were considered a terrible person, or, they would do nothing and still get punished for doing what the men of the house wanted them to, woman as the stories were told sound like objects and they are people they need to be treated like everyone else, not like things that you can push around and do whatever men want. To begin with i will explain one of the many love stories this is one of my favorites to see how the greeks visioned woman. Pygmalion and galatea, this sculpture named pygmalion, hated all women (actually, he couldn 't find one that he could love) so one day ironically, he sculpted a beautiful woman named galatea, he fell absolutely, head over heals, in love with her. Now every time he went out he would get galatea jewelry and clothes, food, he went crazy over this sculpture he had made. So one day he went to

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