The Role Of Women In Pan's Labyrinth

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Are we, women, just a mere prop to strengthen men’s power and pride? Are women only existing in this world to serve and satisfy men? Back in the day when men are dominating the government and our society, women are just left in their houses. Society sees them as a puppet, a person who is only capable of doing household chores or even a mere baby maker. Freedom is non-existent to a woman’s life and they are treated like criminals who are sentenced to life imprisonment or like a bird whose wings are broken and trapped inside a cage. With this, some of their rights were being violated and those rights are slowly starting to perish. Pan’s Labyrinth is one of Guillermo Del Toro’s greatest masterpiece and it shows the reality about how unfair and cruel society can treat women. This movie depicts that society can do a lot of things that can hurt a woman’s dignity but it also showed us what a true woman is and what are they really capable of doing. In the movie, there are three main female characters in the story namely Ofelia, Carmen and Mercedes. First, let us start with Carmen. Carmen, Ofelia’s mother, offers full submission to Captain Vidal. She does everything that he asks her to do for she wants to get out of her situation. She was blinded by power for she wants her daughter’s future to be secured and she was longing for a man in her life when she said that she was alone for too long. Carmen represents women who are disempowered and weak. Second, we have Ofelia. Ofelia is a
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