The Role Of Women In 'Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry'

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“Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry”, written by Mildred D. Taylor, explores Southern Mississippi, ‘The South’, during a time when racism was common and when many were persecuted for the color of their skin. It is through the Logan family that Taylor portrays the social injustices experienced by ‘colored’ people and the way in which they suffered and overcame such discrimination. The role of women in the novel is portrayed in a non-stereotypical manner. It is through the character of Mrs. Mary Logan that individuals are exposed to the importance of motherhood and how her presence is one of strength and power. She not only encouraged formal education, but it is also through informal education that she teachers her children how to reject and react to any abuse they face. Her own sophisticated reactions and motivation additionally add to her significance as a role model for her children. Mary Logan is a typical mother who loves and cares for her family. Cassie really looks up to Mama.105): “My hair was too thick and long for me to do it well myself, but Mama could do it perfectly. I figured I looked my very best that way” Mary, is also a school teacher. As well as performing her motherly duties, she is one who…show more content…
The emphasis of education is very prevalent in the novel. “Mama”, Mary Logan, is a representative of Taylor’s mother, Mary Logan was denied the chance of a complete education and it is she who insists on Cassie’s formal education. With an education, Cassie will have an opportunity to explore greater options in life where her only other alternative would be to get married. The female characters in the novel are role models for other black women. They advocate the need for an education – both formal and informal- as well as illustrate how important it is to allow children, namely girls, to become agents in their own right however through correct
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