Feminism In Harold Pinter's The Room

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Register to read the introduction…Davies and Aston are trying to become companion to each other. But they are missing female companionship who compensate their alone and hopeless lives. Females are symbol of freshness and glow. Throughout the history women are assigned a lower domain and sometimes they even not present in any domain . They are passive, like interior and static. Men deny women and they are forced to find their existential right and to accept their imprisonment in the male world .Their individual identity is nothing and there is no escape for them from this reality. Men have different task and activities in life but women are just recognized through the presence of men in their life.
Patriarchal thought has created confused and muddled form of feminism. They are culturally constructed beings. In ‘The Room’ type of relationship between Eve and Pierre is passive. Their relation is based on forbearing and long sufferings. Eve is emphatic on living with her mad husband, whose world she gravely tries to comprehend, despite her parents efforts to separate them. Eve’s husband does not want to progress in life with real sense of purpose. He is victim of bad faith and denies his moral responsibility for his behavior. Lack of action and inability to progress in life is present in his
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Women‘s role is limited to reproduction and self denying motherhood. He creates women as much miserable creation who even do not have right to speak freely. They are under the supervision of men and men use them for their purpose and after completion of their purpose they throw them out of their world. Men not only want to maintain their sociopolitical power but also they set their power over women. Female character of the play Sara Johnson comes into the prison to visit her husband but she faces horror and sexual exploitation .This situation is clearing the vision of
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