The Role Of Women In Society

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In a woman 's life, she has always been told to be a certain way or to do certain things. She was not allowed to pave her own path, her path was paved by her mother until she was married then it was paved by her husband. It was impossible to get a job and supply for themselves due to their sex as well as education level. Marriage was seen as a contract to certain rights and obligations, without it as a woman you were doomed to struggle. Women have always been expected to be a certain way in many areas, in politics, religion, and just an ordinary day living life, throughout the years ' women have fought and influenced these areas in many ways and have made society today comfortable for women of future generations. Due to this women were forced to follow the status quo of being a servant to her husband and family. She was confined to the home with the traditional role of being a mother and wife. After she married she had given up any life once dreamed of as well as any career she wished to pursue. Devoting their time to tending to their families, doing chores around the house and preparing meals, was the life of women in the 1900’s. Divorce was shamed upon and many women would become stuck in scorned marriages. If the marriage was too intolerable some committed adultery to cause her husband to divorce her (Swisher 186). After the divorce, she gave up her social standing and was seen as a disgrace to all other men. According to William E. Burns, in the nineteenth century,
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