French Revolution Influence On Women's Rights

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In a woman 's life, she has always been told to be a certain way or to do certain things. She was not allowed to pave her own path, her path was paved by her mother until she was married then it was paved by her husband. It was impossible to get a job and supply for themselves due to their sex as well as education level. Marriage was seen as a contract to certain rights and obligations, without it as a woman you were doomed to struggle. Women have always been expected to be a certain way in many areas, in politics, religion, and just an ordinary day living life, throughout the years ' women have fought and influenced these areas in many ways and have made society today comfortable for women of future generations.
Due to this women were forced
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Many of the Suffragettes were imprisoned for their efforts to liberate the women. Emmeline Goulden Pankhurst, leader of the British suffragette movement, less patient started protests, hunger strikes as well as vandalism. She was jailed many times due to her civil disobedience. Even women who were not apart of the organization took part in the fight. Mary Wollstonecraft, a former governess who supported the French revolution and collaborated with Thomas Paine, published a Vindication of the rights of women…show more content…
They could not participate in the institutions of electoral politics, however, women did participate in political movements outside of the government (Burns). They did not try to run for political office because of legal restrictions and customs that kept them from being able to hold a position. Men argued women would not make the justifiable decision if in an intense situation or just was not meant to help lead in any way.
During the progressive era many strong, outspoken women stood and voiced their views on women 's rights. The women of Britain started progressing to a better society for women and were not letting up until changes were made. Even female poets and artists even contributed to the debate for equal rights for women. Across nations women organized on behalf of social reforms such as prohibitions and public health. After fighting for so long women kept their foot in the door to keep making small changes to make society the way it is

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