Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working Women Essay

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Roles of women in the past are viewed as a secondary class in society. They are not allowed to go to school, to work, or to vote. Later, women are allowed to work during WWII as men joined the army during the war. The shortage in labor force gave an opportunity for women to participate in society as a labor. Since then the number of working women has increased led to the demand of equality across gender in society. However, the equality between men and women is still a problem in many countries. To solve this problem, women should be given access to education, to work in a high position as men, and to participate in society.
Inequality started even before they become women. It started since they are fetus, the modern process of ultrasound allows
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The job opportunity for women is not as widely as men, most of them are hired in informal sector which pay less than minimum wage. They have no skill or experience to be hired in modern sector. Most of their jobs are non-skilled required job such as maid and gardener. Therefore when a country runs into a crisis, they are easily having a high possibility of being laid-off. Country will try to protect money-making sector before caring about the well-being of people in informal sector. Moreover, when there is a global food crisis, the problem of malnutrition seems to be worse in developing countries. The salary they earn in informal sector is not high enough to afford the high price of food and services. They started to find a job that offers them a higher salary, some of them are forced to work in illegal sectors in order to earn higher wages such as drug smuggling and prostitution. The problem of underpayment make women to have less saving than men, therefore if they face unexpected lay-off, the chance of immediate poverty in women is higher than…show more content…
CEDAW eliminate gender inequality by promoting basic human rights and freedoms in social and political fields. However the promotion of equality by CEDAW is still challenged by social norm and cultural belief. The equality between men and women are now better than the past, women can enjoy same social status as men. They are allowed to work in the field they want to and be part to participate in society. However, in some part of the world, women are treated as their husband’s property. Women in Islam are not allowed to go out without their husband, therefore the opportunity of working is very limited. The belief that women are inferior makes the news of husband beats wife or soldiers rape women seem normal or unsurprised in some society. The prevention of women on participating in social is violated their basic human rights. We are free and equal, women should not being treated as a slave or inferior. The role of women in some society is defined by culture, which it is one of the obstacles that not easily being resolved today. Yet, it is not easy to change people’s belief when it has been long followed in that society. Since we can’t change the belief, the easiest way to do is creating new value by changing the perspective of women in men’s eyes. Make women more important in national level as their voice can change the

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