The Role Of Women In The 14th Century

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In the 14th century, the rights of women were limited, and their roles were submissive and restrictive. During the progression of the middle ages, the roles women employed politically, economically, and religiously changed largely. It is within the same century that the Giovanni Boccaccio Published the book Decameron, from which there was a strong sense of female empowerment. In the book, Boccaccio brings to the picture three young men and seven young women. The ten met in the church of Santa Maria Novella where they decided to flee from the city because of the devastating plague that had hit it. Boccaccio brings out a strong sense of women empowerment; women character who are self-empowered despite their restrictive contexts. The Decameron is full of tales about the roles women played to be able to survive in society. Throughout the story women, use trickery, deceit, their sexuality, intelligence and perseverance to achieve pleasure, romance to be respected in the community despite within their limits.
Over the centuries, the abilities and the rights of women have been underestimated. During the fourteenth century, the condition and status of a woman depended on her husband and other men in the society. “During those days, women endured abuse, male dominance, and arranged marriages” (Meale, 2011). During these days, the status of the women depended solely on their husband’s position. Fleming confirms this position when he states, “Men have traditionally exercised power and
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