Women In The Twentieth Century

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The twentieth century was marked by radical changes in the social order of the countries. The twentieth century appeared to be for the US the age of transformation from the country with enormous potential in the world's superpower. However, the situation in the United States could not always be characterized by the flourishing and the celebration of a great nation. Some of the historical periods after the World War I proved to be a rather controversial time. One of such periods in the history of the twentieth century America were the 1920's, also called “the roaring 20's”. On the one hand, this period was a romanticized celebration of life in the US characterized by a high standard of living, large houses, big cars, and impressive parties with…show more content…
One of the aspects that are meant here is the reviewing the role of women in the society. At the age of parties, there appeared a category of women who were called flappers. Those women caused discussions in the society since they were usually slender, fashionable, and opinionated women who loved partying hard, smoked and drank much. They also flaunted their sexuality in ways considered shocking at the time3. Nevertheless, such self-expression of women was the continuation in their fight for equal rights and perception. This movement finally achieved success when women finally won the right to vote with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment4. The claims of equality of women was one of the most radical shifts brought by the Roaring…show more content…
One of the breaking moments in the history of America were the so called Roaring Twentieth. This decade was characterized by the growing standard of life, economical, technological, and cultural development of the American society. The era of 1920's gave the world jazz music, famous actors and sportsmen, and provided the mood of fun and enjoyment. However, this period also turned out to be the hard time for many Americans, considering the pressure of the government, the harsh working conditions, and the general atmosphere of disillusion that was following the World War I. Therefore, 1920's were in the US the age of dramatic contrast between the improvements of life quality and the poverty, between the old conventions and the new

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