The Role Of Women In The Great Gatsby

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In the novel, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Daisy who is the wife of Tom and the cousin of Nick expresses her negativity towards her life and the society that other women just like her live in. In articles, The Grotesque Rose: Medieval Romance and The Great Gatsby by Jerome Mandel, The Resisting Reader: a Feminist Approach to American Fiction by Judith Fetterley, Beneath the Mask: the Plight of Daisy Buchanan by Sarah Beebe Fryer, each author explains how Daisy is unhappy in the society she is living in. Daisy is very unhappy in her marriage for many reasons and these reasons impact the lives of people who she loves very much. During the 1920s, Daisy who was a very wealthy woman was treated unfairly, she was expected to act like a object, she had certain gender roles to live by, and also it was not common for her to show emotion about her marriage problems.
Daisy has always been a wealthy woman from a very rich southern family, she has always shown power throughout her life even though she feels as a woman so powerless. In an article “The Grotesque Rose: Medieval Romance and The Great Gatsby” by Jerome Mandel, Mandel refers to Daisy like the queen in a royal court and she is a wealthy aristocrat who has had many opportunities. Even though Daisy is extremely wealthy she has a hard time being a woman of such high society because she is not respected by men of her class including her own husband. “The queen of this world is Daisy Fay, a position she holds both in
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