Essay On The Role Of Women In The Odyssey

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Thesis statement Women characters in displays an important role and their significance they bring about in the play clearly shows the hidden power and the capabilities in them. They have great impacts throughout Homer’s book, ‘The Odyssey’. Objective The objective of the research is to determine if the women really depicted any importance/significance, impact or development throughout the play, how they did it and how they made their efforts a success. Research question Do female characters in ‘The Odyssey’ have any significance impacts or importance? And how have their roles gradually changed? Introduction My approach towards the topic will be influenced by the research that I’ve done before on how women are treated in the society today and the knowledge gained from reading books which context is same as that of ‘The Odyssey’. This book will enable me to understand the Ancient Greek society since it will be exploring of a different culture of people and how they conducted themselves during that particular time. This research will propagate into the future as it shows how the role of women is evolving in the society. Research methodology The analysis of the text will help to see and know the role of women in the Odyssey as in the Ancient Greek society. In the society today, the method of assessment through interviews will help gather information on the importance of women in the society. Significance of the study This helps in broadening the way of understanding of different
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