The Role Of Women In The Progressive Era

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During the periods of 1890-1925 the Progressive Era diversified the role and responsibility of women by developing a workforce for women and promoting their political involvement.The role of women changed during the 1890s - 1920s,women became more important and were taken seriously.Although before the affection of economic and political developments of American women in the 1890s-1920s,they had no rights in the government,and were mainly know as a housewife.The consequence of the political developments advanced women to pursue their career and gain a better education. In “The Status of Women,Past,Present, and Future”(Doc. 1 ) , Susan B. Anthony who was a female political leader, intended that women should be given more industrial…show more content…
6). The reform that women worked on expanded the opportunity of the federal government of fixing the issue of education,health,wages, and working conditions.In document 6,Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s point of view was that women are just as smart and powerful as men.Women do not always have to be protected by men just because they think that they are “ weak and ignorant and defenseless”.American women are capable of protecting…show more content…
Oregon-Doc. 7). The only job that women needed was motherhood because they were labeled as the idol to their children.According to this women had little independence and were diversified form men.Proper to the stereotype of women, in 1908 the Supreme Court accepted the political constitution of law to protecting women labor and the discrimination of both gender.Women were bias to the stereotype of gender roles and their rights and independence.They were given responsibilities of being mothers and weren’t offered new opportunities.The role that they were given consisted of cooking,cleaning and taking care of their family.In the late 1800s women began to work outside of their homes and started working in factories,farms and etc.Women then began to work male profession jobs The sentiment of this was that men thought that they were better than women and the Supreme Court affirmed that they would limit the working hours for women to protect their health because of public interest for the future of the generation to
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