The Role Of Women In Trifles

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Trifles, while a short play in practice, was a glaring beacon of truth in what the role of a woman meant in the early 1900, and, arguably viewed as today. While women have been a strong cornerstone of society, their presence has often been taken for granted or lessened by their fellow man. Trifles is a perfect example to analyze the minimalized role women held in society and how man can and have driven her to the brink of madness. Through supporting documentation I will explain how the problematic relationship between man and woman created a realm for literature rife with not just the challenges faced by women but the growing psychological pressures brought on by abuse, isolation and strenuous work. Susan Glaspell, famed playwright and novelist, brought feminist empowerment through her stories which featured a variety of struggling female leads. Her plays Trifles, Women’s Honor, and The Verge, to name a few, are notable plays which feature feminist themes that display the consequences of the oppression of women ( In focusing on Trifles which offers a more distinctive understanding of , which, Glaspell covered during her days at The Des Moines Daily News (School handout), one can begin to piece together the severity of the conditions women faced in an era that shrouded men with praise and women with condemnation. The subject in Glaspell’s play focuses on the dark turn abuse and isolation can take once a woman reaches her breaking point and turns
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