The Role Of Women's Rights In Ancient Egypt

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Egyptians were always raised to promote a peaceful and loving society. According to Lucy Mercer, “The long repression in Modern Egypt had also caused them to become full of cowardice, and they never would fight back to the government, which is now full of corruption and they were already too busy making a living” (Mercer). Also, Ancient Egyptians did not limit women’s rights as much as they do now. Women in ancient Egypt could wear whatever they wanted and were respected for that. Now a day, the women have a limit on what they wear because it could be a distraction for men. Women are expected to always be modest and to just abide by whatever the men want. Egypt has now turned into a male ruling and dominating state. Women cannot become president in now’s society, but back then women could rule without a problem. Cleopatra was one of the best leaders in ancient Egypt that is a women and she helped Egypt to prosper and to grow (Mercer). In ancient Egypt their economic system was different than a typical system that everyone is used to. They did not have any real money that was printed out for them to pay with. They paid by giving what they grew or made to the government. They had a lot of different job opportunities back then as well such as: farming, scribe, priest, noble, and so much more. Egyptians now have printed money and the use of currency that they use is called pounds. Egypt is known for its rich land and oil that it produces. According to Egypt then and now, “In
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