The Role Of Working Women In The Society

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Womanhood is a period in a female’s life after the shift from childhood to adolescence, generally after the age of 18. The role of women in the society is always questioned and for thousands and thousands of years, women have gone through a lot of difficulties in finding their position in the world that is largely male oriented. While a majority of the women still face the discrimination and general bias, in the last few decades, the number of women successful in politics, technology and business etc, is definitely on the rise. There is no profession in today’s world where women are not employed. It is true that women have to face a lot of problems by virtue of their sex. They have to enlarge their lives to include a career while maintaining their traditional roles in their household. They have to work in office for hours and their works does not end there, they have to come back and do all the household chores too. After finishing office working woman comes home and takes care of her children, husband and house.
It has been seen over the years that this life of working women can be problematic for their children and their family as they sometimes cannot give complete time and attention to their family. This affects the children the most. The types of parental attitude such as acceptance, concentration and avoidance are linked with the overall development of the child. Sometimes working mothers can have difficulty to provide their children with either of the
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