The Role Of Zeus In The Odyssey

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Greek Allusions

Greek Mythology
Explanation/ Description
Implication: When you see this term in a poem or text, what is the purpose of including this reference?
Zeus/ Jupiter
Zeus was given a lot of power/ control when him and his siblings divided the universe amongst themselves. Zeus was in charge of the clouds, rains, and the sky. Zeus’ power surpassed the power was more than all the divinities’ power combined, which is why he gained a lot of respect from others.
Despite the fact that Zeus held so much power, he still made mistakes. His other relationships often evoked negative responses. Zeus also made errors even with his powers.
Authors usually contrast the two sides of a character to represent Zeus. One side represents the perfections
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From when he was born, Hermes had the talent of naturally being able to use a tortoise shell to construct a lyre. This led to many people classifying him as precocious. Hermes is always willing to lend a hand, whether it was to humans or Gods, such as when helped Perseus when he wanted to capture Madusa. Hermes let Perseus borrow his magic sandals which allowed Perseus to fly. Hermes helped others as well with his knowledge and kindness.
When an allusion is made to Hermes, the intent is to show how important the character is in the novel. This character may not necessarily be the protagonist, but has a role to complete the novel. Just like when Persues completed his quest due to the generous loan from Hermes’. Even though this character may not necessarily stand out, this character is crucial to the novel/poem.

The daughter of Cronos and Rhea, Hestia, is known as the home goddess. Hestia is the first child born in the Kronos family and she was the final one to be disgorged by her father, Cronos, who swallowed her, making her the youngest and oldest child of the family.
Troubled by Apollo and Poseidon, Hestia pleaded Zeus that she remain a
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