The Roles Of Government Reforms In The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic was one of the most respected and powerful civilization of the ancient world. When it came to the purposes of government the Romans did very well.
When it came to providing public services, the Romans provided their citizens with many resources that helped them live their daily lives, and they did this while spending little to no money. One example of these resources is the aqueduct. Aqueducts were built to supply fresh water. These aqueducts were more advanced than any others that had been used before in history, made of pipes that run underground or through a lined trough. Eventually, the water that ran through these pipes would flow into a basin that fed the water to public baths, fountains, or a few places. Public baths were also a provided service. There were over 800 public baths which served the people Rome. These baths were free or reasonably so that most could use them. The Romans also had a heating system for the wealthier in Rome, roads (some of which still exist today), postal services, bridges, fire departments, and many other resources that Rome provided to their citizens. Overall, the Romans did pretty well when it came to providing public services to their citizens providing many things for their daily needs, so I would give the Romans a A- when it comes to providing public services to their citizens. If you were a free man living in Rome, you got to vote, hold public office, and you were protected from Roman law, meaning that if

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