The Roles of Malcolm X and Black Panthers in the Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights movement took place during the 1950’s and 1960’s. This movement put an end to the Jim Crow laws, brought out the desegregation of schools, and granted equal rights and citizenship to blacks and minorities. The purpose of this paper is to portray the roles that Malcolm X and the Black Panthers played during this movement. By investigating the behavior and actions of the Black Panthers and Malcolm X, conclusions will be made on whether or not they played a significant role in promoting black nationalism, to help the goals of the Civil Rights movement. In order to completely determine this, the examination will include the role of Islam, how it affected the ideals and tactics of Malcolm X, and the use of the Black Panthers. Beginning in the 1950’s the Civil Rights movement…show more content…
Throughout this movement, there were many leaders that began to rise up to the occasion, and started helping in the mission to gain suffrage for African Americans in the Southern states. Leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. was leading more peaceful protests such as his Montgomery bus boycott, or delivering his “I have a dream” speech. Another one of these leaders that was can be seen more as a peaceful protester was Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was an African American woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person, Rosa Parks would then be arrested. Contradictory to both these peaceful leaders was Malcolm X. Malcolm X, during the 1940’s, was arrested in the city of Boston. Malcolm along with a group of partners, started a train of robberies in Boston which mainly targeted wealthy white families. On January 12, 1946 he was arrested for burglary while he attempted to
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