Margaret Sanger's Voluntary Motherhood

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Women have always been oppressed throughout history constantly being forced to abide by the laws created by man. Margaret Sanger was a strong woman who was one to refute all gender stereotypes by fighting for women to be able to finally have control over their bodies. Sanger fought for women to have the right to legally access birth control and she wanted to educate women on their bodies. Margaret Sanger was an activist who fought for women to learn about what rights they had when it came to their own body, and opened up a whole new world of contraceptives. Margaret Sanger was not only an activist but she was a journalist and a nurse, being a nurse allowed her to see at first hand how woman have suffered when having to conduct self induced…show more content…
..The exercise of her right to decide how many children she will have and when she shall have them will procure for her the time necessary to that developmental of other faculties than that of reproduction.” (Young, 277) Going back on the phrase voluntary motherhood, Sanger stresses the ideas of woman getting to choose what happens with their bodies. They should be allowed who they wish to have a child with, when and even how many children they wish to have. This is very important because during that time woman did not have much control even though it was their body they were looked down upon when it came to abortions or contraceptives. Although birth control has been defined as a violation of natural law, it still brought comfort to many women. This is why Sanger wanted to give so many women the opportunities to be educated on reproduction. If women felt that they were not ready to go into motherhood they would now be able to have that choice thanks to Sanger. Concepts like Planned Parenthood which although seem very controversial for some people is crucial for many woman. It allows them the comfort of knowing that they do not have to deal with their situations
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