The Roles Of Mass Media In Society

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Topic 7: Roles of mass media in society.

1. Introduction
The media has a very important role to people 's lives. The role of communication is crucial in disseminating information as well as a government policy. In line with the level of development of communication technology are growing rapidly, the method of communication also experienced rapid growth as well. But all of that, have the same accentuation of the communicator to convey messages, ideas, and ideas, to another party (communicant). Only model that uses different. If specified in more concrete, a method of communication in today 's contemporary world which is the development of verbal and non-verbal covering many fields, including journalism, public relations, advertising, exhibitions / expositions, propaganda, and publications. Based on the method of communication as aforesaid, the more obvious it seems, that the propaganda to be one method of communication. Obviously, because propaganda became part of the communication activities, the methods, media, the characteristics of the communication element (communicator, message, media, communicant) and patterns used, together with other communication models. Therefore, elements of communication in general also apply to propaganda. Facing the 2004 election, the media has a function and a very important role. As a first step to achieve successful political improvement of democratic government, it is determined the role of the media in propagating the messages of hope to
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