The Roles Of Men And Women In Virginia Woolf

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This study intends to find out the equality of men and women in the novel. Through this chapter we will find out the answer to the very basic question , whether men and women are portrayed to be equal in their social and marital life.
The novel is plenty of elements of feminism in the novels of Virginia Woolf . The writer’s concept of women’s role in daily life has been made definitely clear in the character of Mrs Ramsay.

Character of Mrs Ramsay : Mrs Ramsay is indeed Woolf’s summary of the nineteenth century beliefs of motherhood. Mrs Ramsay is not just a goodness or light spirit and spell she is more than this and more than the main stream of the novel: she is the meaning of the novel. This elucidation also relates this work ,Virginia Woolf ‘s finest as an artist , to her basic stances as a woman.
Mrs Ramsay is a symbol of the feminity in life. Clothed in beauty, an instinctive principle in life and fructifying force , she opposes the logical but tedious and banal principles of male dominance. She influences through her work the mating of men and women towards their becoming fruitful like herself. The same function of hers is evident on the intellectual level because she provides her protection and motivation to art and science alike. To Lily Briscoe the painter, she gives stimulus and understanding , to Carmichael the post she offers sanctuary from a rude and an aggressive wife, to Ramsay the intellectual she supplies love, comfort and confidence, to Tansley the

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