Causes Of Misogyny In The 21st Century

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Misogyny in the 21st Century A South Sudan girl named Aguet N. married a 75-year-old man at only the age of 15 . She was traded for 80 cows. That is the cost of her life. Her uncles said to her, “You will marry this old man whether you like it or not because he has given us something to eat.” She and her mother opposed this marriage, but they were both beaten due to this resistance. That was in just 2003, not a hundred years ago. Stuff like that is still happening now around the world. Gender equality is a human right that everyone deserves. Misogyny is alive and thriving, and women are still being affected by it. Misogyny is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. In another developing country, Egypt, women are…show more content…
A report states that 87 percent of women between 18 and 25 had also experienced sexual harassment at some point in their lives . Sexual harassment can lead to a multitude of mental illnesses, disorders, and long-lasting affects. Sexual harassment in the workplace and early on in a woman’s career can cause long term depression and psychological distress that causes women underperform at work and lose income. Some cases have even resulted in PTSD. Even though all this is going on, a lot of men are still blind to the fact that women face this issues every day. 56 percent of men still do not believe women still face significant barriers when it comes to “getting ahead”. 48 percent said they agreed or were neutral that our society has moved beyond double standards for women A third of men said they thought it was appropriate for men to have a “dominant” role in a relationship with a woman. Misogyny was common in past centuries. For those that don’t have firsthand experience, there can even be denial of its existence. That South Sudan girl, Aguet N., was seen as literal property to her family. They didn’t care that she was a person; they just saw a young woman that can be thrown around and traded like an object. That wasn’t that long ago. Women and girls are still facing these horrible issues because of their sex. It’s time the world took off their ignorance glasses and faced our problems head on. We can’t go forward like this; we have the ability to do something about

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