The Roles Of Nursing Health Interview

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In the health care profession one of the most efficient and reliable way of obtaining a health history is through a health interview. A health interview is a conversation between a health care professional mainly a nurse and a client by the means of a verbal Conversation. Health assessment is very reliable source of information used in the nursing profession to provide quality nursing care and interventions. Health assessment is a systematic analysis used to obtain relevant information such as health history of a client. This essay will discuss the roles of nursing health assessment interview. It will also analyze and discuss ten critical characteristics used to explore symptoms, introduce profile, content and complete the client. A nurse is often required to do nursing health interviews with clients that intend serve many roles for the nurse to provide quality care for a client. A health assessment is the systematic continues collection, organization, validation, and documentation of data. The purposes of a health assessment are to gather information to identify the health status of a client, to establish a database of all the information about a client which includes the nursing health history and physical examination and to provide basis for effective nursing care. (Kaur, 2009). Unlike the medical oriented interview the nursing assessment focuses on a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. A nursing assessment doesn’t just focus on the disease or the

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