Health Interview Characteristics

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In the health care profession one of the most efficient and reliable way of obtaining a health history is through a health interview. A health interview is a conversation between a health care professional mainly a nurse and a client by the means of a verbal Conversation. Health assessment is very reliable source of information used in the nursing profession to provide quality nursing care and interventions. Health assessment is a systematic analysis used to obtain relevant information such as health history of a client. This essay will discuss the roles of nursing health assessment interview. It will also analyze and discuss ten critical characteristics used to explore symptoms, introduce profile, content and complete the client.
A nurse is
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When a nurse performs a health assessment, she may find a problem that requires the expertise of other members of the health care team. In this case, the nurse notifies the proper health care team member of the problem and makes sure the patient receives the expert care that they need. Here, she becomes an advocate for her patient. The last role that will be discussed is of an educator. During a health assessment, a nurse may become aware that a patient is lacking information that may help improve his condition. This provides the nurse with an opportunity to impart this information before he is discharged. (Oguejiofo, 2008).
There are eight critical characteristics that a nurse should use in their final summary of any symptoms the client has. The first characteristic is location is interprets the point from which the pain originates from. For example the client describes that he or she has pain behind the eyes. The second characteristic is character or quality which defines specific descriptive terms for example burning, sharp. The third characteristic is quantity or severity which attempts to quantify the signs and symptoms. For example
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Interpersonal Relationship-
He mentioned that he has a really good relationship with his family and is really close to his younger brother and sister. He has many good friends in school that he hangs out with. He shares most of his problem and secrets with his younger brother. Jashneel does love spending time alone as he gets really tired after school as this helps him relieve stress and engage in things he enjoys doing such a reading story books or watching movies.
Coping and Stress management-
Jashneel gets really stressed up from the school work load such as assignment and lab write-ups and also staying away from home he is not good in saving money and ends up finishing all his money. He also gets stressed up when sometimes he gets into an argument with his friends but then later he works it out by talking to them. Jashneel has also noticed changes in past years and those are change in diet, financial problem, get to know people from different places and enjoy meeting new people as he love socializing with people. Some of the method he uses to relieve stress is by listening to music when he gets upset, chatting with friends, sleeping. This method he mentioned really helps him calm

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