Essay On Political Culture

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Political culture is defined as the values, beliefs and behavior patterns held by a community and relevant to the political process that prevail among individuals and groups in society. The growing interest in the study of this subject coincides with the expansion of democracy. Political culture seems to be essential for the stability and quality of the system as much as the economic and social issues or the decisions regarding international concerns. It envelops both the political goals and working standards of a country. It is in this way the indication of the mental and subjective measurements of legislative issues. A political culture is the result of both the historical backdrop of a political framework and the histories of the individuals. Thus, it is established similarly in broad daylight occasions and private experience.

The role of political culture in political science hypothesis is fairly similar to the role of history. Basically, political science hypothesis is
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It is significant because they shape political observations and activities. Governments can help shape political culture and general sentiment through instruction and recognition of the past. If we consider that political culture influences in a determinant way to achieve a democratic consolidation and a true and quality democracy, we find out that every society create a particular form of explaining the world and all the phenomena that exists, which means that each society creates its own culture. Democracies offer individuals the opportunity to play part in the process of decision making, and, in order to do so, it is essential political participation. This involves political culture. That is why it is important to develop an active political culture, because it is related and based on citizens participation in society; talking about an involved and participative citizenship is related to political
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