Single Homicide Vs Single Murder Essay

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Register to read the introduction…Serial homicide is more sexual then single homicide. In both single and serial homicide victim and offender both have similar backgrounds an lifestyle(Moses,2006). This could be why the offender chose the prostitute anyways. Serial Murders have different motives than single murders. These motives are usually sexual in nature. A serial murder is usually more planned out then a single murder(Moses,2006). The Offender usually pre plans everything from where he meets the prostitute and where the murder will take place. Some serial killers even liked to take part in body mutilation and ritualistic killings of the prostitute. Single murders of prostitutes were found to be less sexual then that of serial killing of prostitutes. The serial killings were almost sure to be used for sexual gratification In short prostitution is already a dangerous profession what makes it even more scarey is the fact some men who are customers condone violence against women(Moses,2006). Seems the murder of prostitutes is quite common because noone has respect for them. This is a…show more content…
May be because maybe the serial killer has some underline sexual issues and does not want to reveal it to the public so he decides to pick up a complete stranger and take his frustrations out on a prostitute. Another reason could be the person wanting to act out sexual fantasies that a normal woman would not want to condone to so they pay someone for it and fulfill their deranged fantasy, but the worse part is that they probably like it and just keep doing it over and over(Moses,2006). Seeing that serial killers do have repeat patterns. Most serial killers do see as everyone beneath them some of them have a narcissistic disorder so when one sees a prostitute the prostitute probably does not even register as a human in a serial killers
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