Character Analysis: The Awakening By Kate Chopin

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Kate Chopin’s The Awakening is a piece of fiction written in the nineteenth century. The protagonist Edna is a controversial character, Edna rebels against many nineteenth - century traditions, but her close friend Adele was a perfect example in terms of a role of a woman, mother and wife at that time. Chopin uses contrast characters to highlight the difference between Adele and Edna. Although they are both married women in the nineteenth century, they also exhibit many different views about what a mother role should be. Edna Pontellier is not Creole, she was born in Kentucky. She was a different kind of mother who thinks being married and having children is boring. Edna’s husband Leonce believes that Edna has failed in her duties as a…show more content…
Edna and Adele are both upper- class women, they are married Creole men and they have children, they both live in the Creole neighborhood. Edna and Adele both enjoy creative activity “ she had possession of the rocker and she was busily engaged in sewing, she had brought the pattern of the drawers for Mrs. Pontellier to cut out” (17). Edna was drawing while Adele was sewing, However, Adele is a more typical wife of the nineteenth century, she accepts the motherly role as she makes clothes for her children and seems to enjoy her life as a mother. Edna, on the other hand, does not share the same affections, she said to Adele “ I would give my money, I would not give up my life for my children”(79). Edna said that she would give up unessentials for her children, which means that she does not care about them. Kate Chopin uses Adele to describe how a typical dedicated wife should treat her husband and children. Edna is not Creole and she does not treat her husband and her children right. Adele and Edna were different in many ways because of the way they both react to the nineteenth century expectation “ a mother - woman” she idolizes her children and worships her husband. Edna is the opposite of Adele, She does not worry about her children and she is not devoted to her husband. Kate Chopin uses what is happening in in
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