The Roles Of Women In Oedipus Rex

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Many different school systems and universities across the nation use this extremely moving story as a teaching tool to show the roles of women in the specific time period in which this work was written and to also discuss how many people can and will sacrifice their own lives for the ideas or morals that they believe will accomplish something that is morally correct. In my own school career, I have been asked to read this magnificent work on three different occasions, all of which I have loved researching the life of Sophocles and studying the different aspects of this work along with the ones of a few others that Sophocles created. This particular work is based upon the lineage of another of Sophocles’ writings, the Oedipus Rex trilogy. Overall, Sophocles does an amazing job depicting the moral and social standards of this time while also demonstrating the well-known myth that is the story of Oedipus. Sophocles was an extremely wise and educated man and is considered one of the most famous tragic story writers to have ever lived, and even though he lived in ancient roman times, his works are still increasingly present in today’s society and are used to teach and tell how life during the time that Sophocles plays were first being performed and demonstrate how exceptionally different the times are now. Many different other ancient writers have also used pieces of Sophocles works to help establish their own stories and portray their own ideas. For example, Aristotle used

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