The Roller Girl: A Short Story

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"$13.46, not bad." It really wasn 't, thinking back to the times when I couldn 't even get home before some assholes grazed me and hacked my credits, in Stilwater it was always best to keep a distance from everyone. The people of Stilwater were not that smart and you could easy fool some idiot out of their creds, but if you got close enough to them, they would hack the shit out of yours. I was sitting in my room now. Well if you can call a room with 7 other kids packed in it your own. I let out a huff, "beggars can 't be choses Eve". I still can remember one of caretakers of the orphanage telling me this when I was little. Thinking about it more she had been the only nice caretaker who had ever worked here. Ya, what she said was mean as…show more content…
I knew that if I couldn 't lock down a job I would need to pick a gang. It would be the only income I would be able you get with turning myself in a whore. If I joined the Rollerz my pay would be high, but they would make me into one of their racers or maybe a spy. The Rollerz are always getting into shit with the other gangs because one of them finds a Rollerz spy in their gang. I knew if the other gangs found me they would leave me for dead or they would beat the shit out of me for information. Also being a woman in the Rollerz of any gang for that matter, would mean a lot of hard work to get respect. I didn 't really mind the work but I knew even then due to my size I wouldn 't be seen as a threat. Maybe that could be a good thing? Shaking my head I started to think of the pros and cons of joining the Carnales. Earning respect in the Carnales would be even harder, their women were suppose to know their place, which was at the bottom of the food chain. The women in the Carnales were really just whores that knew how to hold a gun and take orders. I mean there were some women that were very high up, but they only got that way but either having a body count over 100 or marrying their way into the gang. I had never killed, which at the age of 17, and living in Stilwater, was a big deal. I had however, fought with a few people on the street who had tried to hack my creds or grip my ass. Killing couldn 't be that different right? Joining the Vice Kings wasn 't as bad…show more content…
When I first saw Valencia she was shaking in her bed. I didn 't know much about Quarians back then but it was easy to tell that there was a problem with her enviro-suit. No matter how much money the orphanage got, with 60 kids and almost half of them alien, the money was always tight here. So that meant dexo-paste for the Turians and crap human food for the rest of us. Valencia was the only Quarian living at the orphanage and even though she could eat the dexo-paste, it wasn 't cleaned the way Quarians needed it. I had never paid any attention to any of the other kids before, I mostly ate, slept, and spent the rest of my time reading what little books the orphanage owned. The books they owned were mostly old info packs about alien races, from the days when humans had first came in contact with aliens. The packs were mostly right, but all they were about the biology, law, and the military way of aliens. Those were the only things that were important to the human

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