Roman Empire Communication

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“As we all know the Roman Empire, big empires go down if the borders are not well-protected”- (Mark Rutte). This quote was chosen because it says that even big empires go down if they are not well protected. One example of this was The Roman Empire, it was a big empire and was the most extensive political and social structured in western civilization, but since they weren´t well protected it fell. The Ancient Roman Army is different from the Roman´s Army nowadays. One example of this is the Roman Army, back then they weren’t allowed to marry while they were serving the army, and nowadays they are free to marry and free to have their own rights. Another example is the old Roman Army, they were organized into small groups called legions and centuries, and they were well-armed and well trained, in the Roman Army nowadays they are organized depending on their unit based on geographic features, and like the Roman Empire Army they are well trained and well-armed soldiers. The Roman Empire lasted so long because of…show more content…
Their communication held society together because they spoke the same language and understood everyone. Throughout communication they believed in common myths laws and demonstrated a common band passed down from generation to generation. The Roman Empire was so strong because of the ability to communicate among the masses.
Their communication routes was responsible for it lasting so long because it was important to its functioning. Romans were the first in the European ancient world who tried to solve the problem of communication, they all spoke the same language, when emperors communicated with people and gesture at the same time so people could understand from far away. Communication was very necessary to make it easier to travel and transportation of goods from distant cities that belonged to

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