The Roman Catholic Church And The Protestant Reformation

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By the mid 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church had been ruling most of Europe for a thousand years. European society and politics had been framed around the church and the pope. The church had complete authority in the feudal society and authority over the monarchy. Papal Infallibility, which means that the since the pope was the voice of god, then he was true, was a reason for why the church had not been questioned or had been attacked. Using the church’s powers, the pope was able to control every detail of Europe. By time, all of Europe will be changed, by a movement called The Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation first started in Germany. In the 16th century, the church was giving away indulgences to anyone who could afford them. They were slips of paper that were signed by the pope that forgave someone of sin so they can go to heaven. They were a prime source of income for the church even though it is controversial since the church takes a vow of poverty. The corruption of the church was witnessed by a man named Martin Luther. He became a monk after being struck by lightning. He witnessed the corruption of the church and was strictly against it. Luther wrote the 95 theses, which criticized the church for raising money, especially since they take a vow of poverty. In the theses he referenced four sources from the bible that supported the concept that one does not need indulgences to be saved, but rather all they need is faith in Christ. This
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