The Roman Catholic Church

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During Medieval times, the Roman Catholic Church had a huge impact on the Holy Roman Empire. The Church was the most stable form of power at the time and the primary source of control. The church kept order thorough out the Roman Kingdom and domains. Without the consistency of the church, much of the empire would have deteriorated into chaos. The Catholic Church was wealthy and powerful in the middle ages and owned large amounts of land. The church leaders, popes and bishops, often lived liked kings in their own palaces. The strong influence of the church over the laws and the people resulted in a power struggle between the Church and state that still slightly lingers today. Most people in medieval Europe were Roman Catholic and strong…show more content…
The founders understood the messy history of other countries that did not have this separation. If there was no divide, many secular laws might be compromised by the Church because of its moral beliefs and regulations. Even with our country’s separation, there are still battles today on the subject. Some people believe that because the country was founded on Christian principles that Christians should have preference over other religions. Recently some political candidates argued that Syrian refugees should not be allowed in the country unless they pass a religious test. Some people have accused the current president of being a Muslim to try to discredit him as a capable president. Recently, Pope Francis was criticized by some for questioning whether or not a presidential candidate was behaving as a Christian. Critics do not believe a leading world religious figure should comment on American politics. Even with the separation of church and state in this country, conflicts still arise as politics and religious beliefs cross lines. Without the clear guidance of the constitution, America might resemble the major power struggles of medieval…show more content…
The majority of events, religious and secular were established and controlled through the Church. Without the Church’s firm grip during this time, life in the middle ages may have been chaotic and turbulent. The laws and rules that the Church established created stability and moral standards for orderly living. As the Church’s power increased and crossed over into secular affairs, the Church’s ability to declare and oust kings became threatening to the state. The struggle for power resulted in the Treaty of Worms where a balance of powers between the Pope and the King were agreed upon. Even today, with clear guidance about the separation of church and state, there are issues and arguments that arise. These two huge institutions have great power in society and it is difficult to completely separate the two. Because people are involved with both, there will always be some crossover which makes the need for strong boundaries of separation a necessity for a peaceful, democratic
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