The Roman Colosseum

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Roman Colosseum The Roman Colosseum is in the center of Rome, Italy and located just east of the Roman Forum. It was paid for by the opulent soils that were taken during the Jewish Revolt in AD70. There were said to have been nearly 100,000 Jewish prisoners that made up the workforce that helped to build the massive Colosseum. There was no modern technology and vehicles like there are today, so they had to travel by foot transporting stones over 20 miles from Tivoli to Rome to use as supplies. Interesting though, they did have builders, painters, artist and engineers to help with the blue prints. They began building the Colosseum around AD72 under the reign of Emperor Vespasian. It took approximately 8 years to complete in AD80 under heir Titus. From AD 81 to 96, Domitian made…show more content…
During the beginning of construction to the end of the renovations, it was known as the Flavian dynasty under the above three emperors. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater ever built. It spread over six acres and was 640 Roman feet long and 528 Roman feet wide. The outer walls stood an at 165 Roman feet high. The outer walls were set in place without using mortar to seal the stones together. It is estimated that over 100,000 cubic meters of stone was used to build those walls. Due to the construction of the walls and the many earthquakes that they have had over the centuries, the walls have fallen in many places. The north wall is still standing and you can tell that the Colosseum was once a three-story building. The Colosseum also caught fire due to lightning around 217, which badly damaged the structure. It underwent
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