The Roman Empire: The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was a large, powerful, and successful empire that stood the test of time. But, Rome was plagued with numerous problems that caused its demise. In my opinion, the fall of the Roman Empire was inevitable. This is because Rome had a corrupt government that failed to satisfy its citizens, and Diocletian’s retirement caused the tetrarchy, which could have been Rome’s last saving grace, to fail. The Roman Empire had a largely corrupt government, which mismanaged the itself into a collapse. As a Representative Democracy, Roman leaders were “elected” to represent their people. But, their system was far from perfect. Voting was restricted for most, limiting the actual representation of the people to only the social elite. According to an anonymous primary source from the era, “Now in addition to these injuries, were with the arts of [greediness] afflict the provinces, comes the appalling greed of the provincial Governors, which is ruinous to the taxpayers’ interests.” These men work for their own self interests, not the public’s, which defeats the purpose of a democracy. “For these men, despising the respectable character of their office, think that they have been sent into the provinces as merchants…As for the Governors, the buying of recruits, the purchase of horses and grain, the monies intended for city walls – all these are regular sources of profit for them and are the pillage for which they long [...] who carry on private [money making] under the guise of

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