The Roman Ruins: Painting Analysis

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Upon visiting the Huntsville Museum of Art, I was very surprised to find all of the tremendous galleries that were currently up at the museum. In addition, after exploring the entire museum there was one gallery that really intrigued me, and this was the gallery of Antoine Ponchin and his son Jos. Henri Ponchin. What made the Ponchin gallery so interesting to me was both the father and the son were landscape artist. Moreover, both Ponchins travelled to many locations to paint magnificent pictures. Choosing a picture to paint about from this gallery was a challenge for me mainly because both Antoine and Jos. Henri Ponchin had a similar painting style, but I finally concluded to write about a painting from Antoine Ponchin titled The Roman Ruins.…show more content…
In like manner, The Roman Ruins is also a real life structure that can be seen on a day-to day basis in Tunisia. Henceforth, my idea of the meaning for this painting is that he wants the audience to immerse themselves in the painting. Back when Ponchin was an artist, there was no internet, nor did every family have use to a camera or even seeing photographs for that matter. Therefore, many people had to see paintings as a way to see and understand the outside world. By painting landscape paintings, such as The Roman Ruins, he could show the people many places that they might never be able to go to. I was very impressed by the paintings that Antoine Ponchin created. He had many paintings of a great variety of places that I have never been to. What essentially made The Roman Ruins so interesting to me was because of how he used a variety of colors and design methods. In addition, he was one of the few painters at the museum who also had a son who continued to make even greater artwork. Finally, I will cherish this visit to the Huntsville Museum of Art, and I will definitely consider making a return visit some day in the near
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