The Romantic Era During The Victorian Era

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During the nineteenth century, the authors of the time exposed major flaws of their society. Moreover, this made a huge impact on the English life and their beliefs. Furthermore, this period was known as the Victorian Era; its name came from the royal mother of England, Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria’s reign began in 1837 and ended in 1901. In addition, preceding this period was the Romantic Movement, which makes it hard for people to know when it is that the Victorian era starts and where the Romantic Movement ends, this is due to how much they had in common. Despite the fact that, they had much in common, the Victorian Era presented many improvements. For instance, the steam engine technology progressed, leading to increase in factory productions, this made the economy expand. Even though, that the economy was expanding this only benefited industries not agriculture, leaving the poor with less than what they had before. This made many of those unemployed people, peasants and farmers, search for jobs in factories so they had to move to the cities. Equally important, scientific development made people question the Church and their beliefs. Regardless, of some views that these changes were good, the majority of writers of that time did not seem to agree. Following this, many writers took it as their responsibility to write about society and its new unjust ways, they did not hide in fantasy books, they spoke out and created awareness of what was going on by presenting social
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