Short Summary Of The Aarakocra Short Story

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It is customary for all Aarakocra eggs to be inspected by the roost's mystics and Raixora's was no exception. It quickly became apparent that a darkness lay over the egg and only by the pleas of the mother was the egg spared. When he hatched the entire roost was covered by blackness that would not dissapate. After long deliberation the flock decided to cast Raxiora out from the roost. His mother, unusually attatched to her offspring took him from the roost in the Elemental Plain of Air to the prime material realm, upon which the darkness was dispelled, in the hopes that they might live in relative peace. Unaware of the strange customs of "primes" she was killed by a group of bandits she had mistaken for a roost-like society.
Having never seen an Aarakocra before the bandits chose to adopt youn Raixora. They were astounded by his quick growth and tought him the basics of thievery to which
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In a terrible fit of rage, the darkness returned. None of the bandits would draw another breath. In the aftermath, alone and confused amidst the corpses of his former friends he had a flash of thought. "North". For three weeks he flew north until he happened upon what looked like an abandoned monestary. Landing after an exhausting flight he prepared for the night and promptly fell asleep.
Darkness, endless, deep posessing unfathomable knowledge plagued him in his nightmare. Though terrible Raixora found some kinship in the depths and again a single word flashed through his mind. "Deep". Compelled by some force, Raixora entered a cavern in the monestary and proceeded down.
Never before had Raixora experienced the confines of being below ground. It terrified him far more than his dream the previous night. Hours. Days. Weeks? Raixora lost all track of time in the darkness. Deeper and deeper he went until finally a tiny red light indicated that he had reached his
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