The Root Cause Of Extremism Holocaust

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Extremism is a plague of the human mindset that typically leads to suffering, and it must be acknowledged and kept in check so society can prosper. Religions are typically blamed for causing extremists to perform their horrific acts, and they are not completely to blame. Religion can bring out extremists and give them a goal or idea to follow, but it does not create the mindset. Humans have possessed a natural tendency to take things to the extremes, as evidenced by the Crusades and and the American Revolution. In general, these human tendencies lead to a useless loss of life. Modern day terrorism kills countless people and worsens the world for everyone. Many people would agree that the world would be better off without extremism or its disciples,…show more content…
Islam cannot be blamed for a mindset that people of other cultures and religions have. Furthermore, extremism mindsets and ideals have existed before Islam was created and perhaps since the beginning of humans. One of the worst events in human history, the Holocaust, was caused by extremist Nazis, who were not Islamic. While religion can be a catalyst for extremism, extremism is a “deep and enduring pathology in the human spirit”(Beres 3). This means that every person has a spark of extremism in their veins. And this is not inherently a bad thing. In certain cases, extremism was a necessary step for self preservation, as seen in the American Revolution and abolition movement. However this is only a small fraction of the examples of extremism, and overall extremism is typically only a uselessly destructive force that has taken thousands of lives and will only continue to take…show more content…
It is unjust that anyone should die because they disagree with another’s political, religious or other views. Terrible events like the Holocaust and 9/11 could have been avoided if people stopped looking to extremism as the solution to all problems. When an idea had less pros than cons, it is only natural that it is discouraged. Extremism should only be resorted to in the most extreme situations that require it. So, go out and spread the message that there are other ways of achieving things than extremism. It is unwise to expect all people everywhere to end their practices that have been going for thousands of years, but hopefully more people will begin to see extremism as a epidemic on the world and discourage others from going on this path. Overall, extremism hurts the world and hopefully will be ended in the
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