The Roped Course Observation Report

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On day two of retreat, my group and I went on the high roped course, which I was really excited for. There were four different courses you could do, however with our big group and long lines, I only had time to do 2 of them. The first one I did was called the Leap of Faith. This is because in the course you climb up a tree using a ladder and some stakes already placed in the tree to get up to a platform about 30 feet above ground. From there, still attached to the harness, you jump out from the platform, and for a split second it feels like you are falling, until the rope catches you and you are slowly lowered to the ground. This course was the most challenging mentally because you really don 't know what to expect until you are up on the platform…show more content…
The other course that I did, the Tarzan course, was challenging physical and mentally, but definitely more physically. In this course you have to climb up 4 wooden posts that are connected by a chain and hanging from a tree. This part was the most challenging for me because you are climbing 40 feet up in the air and the posts are really unstable at the bottom because they 're juts hanging and the smallest movements can completely change the way the posts are angled. Even though I was attached to the harness, it still felt like I was doing all the work climbing up, while others were definitely depending on the harness and leaning into it, forcing the rope to hold them rather than them holding themselves up. By the time I reached the top of the fourth post, my arms were starting to give out from holding myself up, but I was only halfway done. I pushed myself up onto a wire not even as thick as my finger and balanced on it, grabbing a rope that hung from above. On this part of the course, I had to work my way across the wire only using the six ropes dangling above me. This part was mentally challenging for me because I was looking down at the ground the whole time, which scared me, and I wasn 't very dependent on my harness, so I took each step as if I made one wrong step, I would
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