The Blazing Star Literary Analysis

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Introduction The book The Blazing Star, by Erin Hunter, is an intriguing book about two groups figuring out a prophecy and learning to work together. In the aftermath of a huge battle, the cats must figure out what the blazing star is while there is a deadly disease destroying all of the prey in the forest. With the battle leaving the two groups short many cats and the disease making prey scarce, food is getting harder to find. This literary analysis will go in-depth about how Erin Hunter developed intriguing character relations and the interesting author’s craft found in the book. This analysis will also look into how the setting affects the characters and what the theme may be. Characters The main characters in the book ”The Blazing Star,” by Erin Hunter, are two brothers and a ‘son’. These cats are Grey Wing, Clear Sky and Thunder. Clear Sky has an interesting connection to the other two, as they just ended the battle over territory between their clans. An important piece of text is, as said in the story, “Clear…show more content…
Each chapter is third-person limited with a different character’s POV. The characters that this book switches between are Thunder, Grey wing and Clear Sky. The author uses this to show the reader all sides of the story, and to allow the reader to infer a solution before the characters figure it out. This craft also allows the story to be written in third person limited, instead of possibly third person omnipotent. An example of this is, in the beginning of one chapter, “Grey Wing stood beneath the spreading branches of the four oaks, his gaze fixed on the earth that covered the cats that had fallen in battle.” (Hunter 22). This is also in the beginning of another chapter, with another character. “Clear Sky paused beneath an arching clump of ferns, and took in a long breath of the cool morning air” (Hunter 39). These show each character’s view of the setting and of the
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