Etiquette In Victorian Era

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Etiquettes cover the whole field of social relations; including rules for the simplest of actions and for most elaborate of social actions. They are also known as traits of a civilized society. The Victorians learnt how to conduct themselves in all social situations because of the 60 new etiquette guides published during 1870’s and 1880’s. The rules of etiquette are just as alterable today therefore; yesterday 's rules could become today 's ill manners. Many mannerisms are universal, and many rules of etiquette that were once based on a moral principle may continue to exist today. The Victorians were very stringent and firm when it came to manners and etiquettes. They had devised new rules of conduct for…show more content…
The butler was in charge of setting up the dining table. The butler was supposed to arrange all the place settings for every person with the correct silverware for every occasion and the various crystal glasses which were used to serve the various wines which went with the respective items on the menu. The space between two persons on the table and the distance between the chair and table were accurately measured and set. There were specific spoons, forks and knives for the specific delicacies. The men and women were to eat every dish in a certain manner with absolutely no use of their hands. The women were to be elegant and graceful and eat with poise. For instance, they had to first peel a fruit with a fruit knife and cut it into bite size morsels, and then eat them with a tiny fruit fork. Even bread was not eaten whole, it had to be first cut into bite size morsels and then…show more content…
The Industrial Revolution created a consumer economy and a huge middle class with the means of purchasing consumer goods. This new middle class felt that they had arrived at a higher social plane of existence. The social norms of the farm and tenement would not do for the family of a man who made his way in the world. Such were some of the many mannerisms of the Victorian era. Those days were full of charm and politeness. People never spoke to each other on a high note until things got really heated or out of control. People were polite and exchanged smiles and greeted each other with absolute kindness. Those were the times where decency was celebrated. People never had the intention to criticize the knowledge of their acquaintances. Manners and etiquettes were at its truest meaning back then. The Victorian era had its own charm and it still manages to intrigue us. Etiquettes are a part and parcel of social life and should be followed. The Victorians were very proud of their ways of life and didn’t change for anyone. As times changed it got difficult to follow the complicated manners and etiquettes of the Victorians had to eventually change their way of
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