The Rush Short Story

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“April, could you be any slower?”

“The bus doesn’t leave until 12:00, what’s the rush?”

“I’m the rush, I’ve always been the rush, and you of all people should know.”

April and Cassidy had spent the past twelve years of their lives living together. It wasn’t that hard to send straight A+ students to the same prestigious college when both of their folks practically ran their neighbor state. It wasn’t that Nevada didn 't have good schools, it was that California schools were just better, and anything that was better, April and Cassidy were sure to have.
“Why don’t you just head out yourself? I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”

“The bus station won’t let me buy the tickets unless we’re both there to sign for them. Apparently I don’t seem
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Ever since they had been in California she had been dying to go back home. There was something about the feeling of being alone and having to take care of things herself that felt uncomfortable to her. April on the other hand, was the complete opposite. The simple fact that there was no one there to pick her classes or tell her what to invest was aa wave of relief to her. The girls had always lived under the wing of their silk-stocking parents and they had quite opposing thoughts on it.

“Why go back home when you can relish in the freedom of adulthood and possibly irresponsibility?”

“Is that a hint of rebellion I hear? How could the angelic April Donovan ever think of committing anything near wrong? Seriously though, I’m glad to be going home. There wasn’t anything here for us here anyway
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“I think you would do perfectly fine on your own.”

Cass remained silent.

“I would visit you all the time and it wouldn 't be a problem. Plus, I wouldn 't need to start until next month and… and…”

Cass was now staring straight into April’s eyes, still dead silent.

“You know, that psychic told me today was my last day…. and I—”

Cass held her finger up suggesting April be quiet. She furrowed through her purse until cautiously taking out a single bus ticket. She started,

“To me, living in Henderson, Nevada has made me the happiest because it’s where I feel I belong”

Her eyes welled up with tears but she shook her head and continued,

“If that’s what California will do for you, then,”

She handed back April’s ticket. April was slack-jawed.

“Return it for a one way ticket to LA. I’ll talk to your parents, ease the blow, but the rest is on you. Now go, before I change my mind”

They burst into a fit of tears and laughter and hugs. When it was finally time for boarding they were a mess of tissues and runny mascara, but they felt complete. April walked slowly, taking time to think back on all their time together. She finally got to the desk and made the transaction. The receipt machine made an odd noise and the worker’s phone rang
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